‚ÄčAt the end of the day, successful advertising is the marriage of the right product, the right audience and the right message to bridge the gap.

This industry is filled with liars, crooks and thieves who only care about their billing report. Our job is to get in the trench, tell you the truth, act in your best interests, and help you get your share of voice.

We hope you will give us that opportunity!

Benjamin J. Pratt

President and Founder
SOV Media, Inc.



With over 20 years in broadcast media, almost entirely in the conservative news / talk space, we understand how powerful the bond can be between talent and their audience. There are many agencies who can buy media, but very few know how to tailor the message, because they don't identify with the talent or audiences they serve. From creating your message to executing your buy, we can help you navigate the complicated and sometimes costly world of advertising.